Congratulations! MC Lyte’s A Married Women Now, See Her Beautiful Wedding PICS

We would like to extend our sincere congratulations to Lana “MC Lyte” Moorer and her new husband, who they met online. This past weekend in Montego Bay, Jamaica, the 46-year-old MC leapt the broom with businessman and Marine Corps veteran John Wyche.

The MC, who still gets the parties jumping as soon as her lyrics, You can cha-cha-cha till it’s Mardi Gras, come on. 2 of Lyte’s best friends, Jada Pinkett-Smith and Toni Braxton, joined her bridal shower a few days ago, as we previously reported, and her marriage was just as celebrity-studded.

While So Def founder and DJ Jermaine Dupri kept the party going and kept the crowd energized at the reception, the great Kelly Price sang for the newlyweds. In pictures released by Essence, Lyte and John could be seen grinning ear to ear as they stood outdoors at their Jamaican marriage venue, she in her marriage dress and John in his fl’ashy tux.

After their marriage, Lyte and John spoke with Essence: It was so lovely like a fairytale, Lyte said. My king was mine. It’s amazing how many individuals were here to show support for our union. Wyche asserts that we have a solid base from which to build. After getting to know Lana for a few months, I was certain that I wanted her as my wife.

His wife also understood it. I once turned my head to gaze into his eyes as we were conversing. According to Lyte, there was a lot of truth and honesty in his gaze. The biggest challenge I faced when dating was being open.

And I felt like I could completely be myself around him. However, I’m very glad for MC Lyte and the fact that she’s found the ideal man for her in John Wyche after years of looking for her Roughneck.


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