Michel’le Claims Producer Dr. Dre Attempted To Sh**t Her, Says Ge Barely Missed Her After She Ran Into Bedroom

Singer and songwriter Michel’le recently made shocking allegations against renowned music producer Dr. Dre. In a candid and emotional revelation, she claimed that Dr. Dre had once attempted to shoot her, narrowly missing her after she ran into a bedroom. These allegations have reopened discussions about domestic violence and the experiences of women in the music industry.

Michel’le, known for her distinctive voice and hits in the late ’80s and ’90s, including “No More Lies” and “Something in My Heart,” has been candid about her past experiences with abuse. She has previously spoken about the challenges she faced during her relationship with Dr. Dre, who was her partner and producer during her early music career.

In her recent revelation, Michel’le detailed a traumatic incident where she claimed Dr. Dre attempted to harm her with a firearm. She described how she narrowly escaped the violent encounter by seeking refuge in a bedroom, an experience that left her deeply shaken.


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These allegations have reignited discussions about domestic violence and the music industry’s treatment of female artists. Michel’le’s willingness to share her story sheds light on the often-hidden experiences of women in the entertainment world and the challenges they face in coming forward with such allegations.

Dr. Dre, a prominent figure in the music industry, has faced allegations of violence in the past, most notably from his ex-partner, Dee Barnes, and ex-fiancée, Michel’le. In recent years, he has also been involved in legal disputes and public controversies.

The public reaction to Michel’le’s allegations has been mixed, with many expressing support for her and emphasizing the importance of addressing domestic violence issues within the industry. Others have questioned the timing of her revelations and the absence of legal charges at the time of the alleged incident.

Michel’le’s recent claims about Dr. Dre’s attempted act of violence have reignited discussions about domestic abuse and the treatment of women in the music industry. Her willingness to share her traumatic experience highlights the need for a more open conversation about these issues and the importance of providing support and resources for those who come forward with their stories.


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